About ABRHidro

ABRHidro – Brazilian Water Resources Association


ABRHidro – Brazilian Water Resources Association is a nonprofit professional association, which aims to bring individuals and companies together to devote themselves to the advancement of water resources management, scientific research and support to technical and university education. Through its members, ABRHidro develops technical and scientific actions, backbone of its political and institutional action, in order to resolve conflicts and enable the construction of robust, efficient and sustainable solutions for the management of water resources in supporting the development of Brazil.


Until recently, especially in our country, water was considered as a renewable natural resource, generally hearty and plentiful, that could meet without restrictions, almost all the needs that were to be required. Its gift was felt only in semi-arid regions, which was considered serious, but natural. However, from the Dublin Conference in January 1993, water came to be regarded as a finite resource, and especially vulnerable. Founded in 1977, the Brazilian Association of Water Resources – ABRHidro, has been following, encouraging and participating in the awakening of Brazilian society to this problem.


Aligning the most modern approaches to science of water management, ABRHidro initially formed predominantly by civil engineers, expanded its frame associated with the participation of professionals from several backgrounds. Acting independently, ABRHidro has sought to serve as a forum for debate and routing solutions of the issues in the area of ​​water resources, to meet the interests of society as a whole first.



The board of directors of ABRHidro consists of a president, a vice president and four directors chosen by election in the Member Assembly during SBRH for a two-year term, starting always on the first day of February of the year. Besides the board of directors, there is an audit committee of three members and three surrogates. Furthermore, there is a permanent advisory board, composed by former presidents. The activities of ABRHidro are developed in matrix form organized by: Commissions, which bring together members interested in certain topics; and Regionals Councils that bring together members for the interest in the State of residence.


Date of foundation: 10.01.1977


Foundation Location: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Technology Center

Abrhidro and the national water resource


One of the most important achievements of ABRHidro was his leadership to raise the contribution of professionals from different sectors of water, such as teachers, technicians and entrepreneurs to the creation of the National System of Water Resources Management in Brazil in 1997.
ABRHidro generates decision-making to the support information for the solution of sector and cross-sector issues and contributes to the improvement of the national Water Management policy, through the participation in various decision-making bodies. The National System of Water Resources (SNRH) has participated as a representative of the technical and academic sector. In addition, it operates the National Water Resources Council (CNRH) and its Technical Chambers. In addition, it is represented in the Water Resources State Councils and in various Committees of Watershed.




ABRHidro is committed to the production and dissemination of knowledge in the field of science related to water and technology. Currently, it is the most important publisher of technical books on Water Resources in Brazil, with over 70 titles published and extensively used by university teachers, professionals and public managers.


Since 1978, without interruption, ABRHidro edits the Journal of Water Resources, with high quality articles, focusing much of the technical and scientific production of the Brazilian community in industry – with an international scope as an important consultation source and reference, particularly in Latin America.


From 2012 on, ABRHidro has made a partnership with APRH (Portuguese Association of Water Resources) for publication of the international journal: Journal Water Resources / Journal of Water Resources. Also, along with APRH, the Journal of Integrated Coastal Management is edited ( Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management).