With the science of hydrological diversity, political and social of the country, ABRHidro recognizes that the treatment of water resources problems in different regions should be different. ABRHidro has several Regional branches distributed among Brazilian states. These Regional representations intended to fulfill ABRHidro´s goals in their states and regions. Members of the ABRHidro can cooperate with the organization of courses, conferences and seminars, as well as act in cooperation with other Regional branches. ABRHidro should be a forum for discussion of the problems of water resources with regional coverage, providing means to find the best solution, taking into account the interests of society.



ABRHidro keeps Technical Committees, seeking to bring together members around a specific interest within relevant areas of Water Resources. The committees organize symposiums, courses, lectures and publications in related fields within national context in order to find consensus to solve significant issues. Currently, ABRHidro has eight committees: Urban Water, Coastal Environments, Energy, Sediments Engineering, Water Resources Management, Hydrology Underground, Hydrometrics and semiarid region.



Over 37 partnerships. ABRHidro developed a strong association with similar entities around the world. It is noteworthy interaction, among others, with the following institutions: IWRA -International Water Resources Association; IAHS -International Association of Hydrological Sciences; APRH -Association Portuguese Water Resources; IWRA -International Water Resources Association; GWP -Global Water Partnership and the WWC -World Water Council.